DISC Daily came to be through a need for a better way to hold clients accountable to practice the principles of DISC in their daily lives – front and center and in the moment. The 38-page DISC report was never intended to be understood after just reading, debriefing and using it a time or two. A tool was needed to help make the learning stick.

Learning the principles of DISC is the same as learning any new skill, and like learning any new skill, it takes practice to master. 

As an executive leadership and sales coach providing assessment-based coaching, I find it exciting to provide assessments; creating that “Aha” moment. DISC provides an easy way to create that “Aha” moment and  my goal as a coach is to see that moment stick for a lifetime.

I realized I was not seeing the outcomes or the full potential of the assessments impacting my client’s as I knew they could.

When working with clients, I use the language of assessments as a  foundation for mutual understanding; a language used to touch a deeper space we’ve touched upon before. This mutual understanding provides keywords between us through the results and understanding of the assessment.

So, when clients weren’t understanding the language of DISC or weren’t able to identify a style, it led me to start texting clients a simple, observable practice each day. For example, “Today, pay attention to the pace of the people around you. Are people talking, moving, acting fast or slow paced? How can you adapt to improve your interaction with them?”

It was that simple. I was receiving appreciation from clients and the outcomes I had hoped for my clients. Our coaching session flowed even better and I attribute that to clients owning the skills of DISC and being able to put them to use. From there, I went ahead and developed DISC Daily and included a suite of supporting tools to help each style learn in the way that suits them best.

~ Don’t care for texts? Listen to “People Strategies Podcast” or visit the resource library at your convenience.

~ Don’t want an extra weekly email coming to your inbox? Read it at your leisure on your dashboard.

~ Want more details on the viability of DISC or to better understand the history behind it? Check out the FAQ’s on your dashboard.

~ Want to discuss your DISC journey and hear about other’s journey? Participate in the Discussion Forum through your dashboard.

It is my hope that all DISC practitioners will find DISC Daily a useful accountability and practice partner for their client’s investment in DISC!

Your fellow Coach and DISC practitioner,

Emily Bass