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How to take all you’ve accomplished to the next level…

You are successful. You’ve made it to where you want to be. So how will you take all you’ve accomplished to the next level?

It’s no longer just about doing the job better that gets you to the next level. It’s about understanding others and how you impact them. It’s about bringing others along and bringing out their best.

My best leaders saw the potential in me and, most importantly, reflected it back so I could see it for myself. They focused me toward wanted patterns rather than away from unwanted ones.

What have your most formative teachers/leaders/coaches brought out in you that you weren’t seeing for yourself? How did they support you in moving toward your next level?

If your leader said to you, “You have special talents and you really need to work on bringing them out.” Would you perceive this as positive or negative? Would this motivate you to look closely at yourself and commit to bringing out your talents?

I believe many people are already aware they possess challenging behaviors and simply prefer not to look. Who wants to focus on that stuff anyway?

What will be different when you present the need for professional development as a vehicle for bringing out one’s greatness?

Recently, I presented a professional development opportunity to a couple of well-established executives. The response was, “This is great for middle management…”

Do we ever reach a final level of being our best? When senior leaders express excitement about developing further, it provides permission for others to learn and develop.

In an effort to change the face of personal/professional development to be that which uncovers unlimited potential – I present you with two challenges:
1. I challenge you to practice personal and professional awareness in a way that continuously exposes your greatness rather than calls attention to your flaws.

2.  I challenge you to critique others – internally and externally – from a look at strengths rather than flaws.

Here are five actions toward taking all you’ve accomplished to the next level:

1. Pass on one practice you do each day that helps make you successful.

2. Summarize what others say to you before responding.

3. Try something different in your interactions and pay attention to how others respond. (Ex. If you speak quickly, slow down; if you usually speak first in a meeting, speak last.)

4. Provide one person a specific comment each day about how they are purposeful to the success of the company.

5. Learn coaching skills – the whole purpose of coaching is to pull out strengths and reflect them back.

How will practicing self-awareness be different when the goal is to uncover your greatest strengths and take you to the next level?

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