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You begin with your coach by putting into the funnel what you want, (ex. a better workplace environment) what you have (ex. a talented team), and how you will overcome obstacles (ex. conflicting persoanlity types).


Through powerful questioning around what you identified, out of the funnel comes your goals with action steps and timelines as well as a how you will know you have succeeded.


Each session allows for deeper focus on goal (ex. established steps for achieveing goal), greater awareness (ex. of self and team), accountaibilty (ex. accomlishments provided to coach at next session), and celebration of successes (ex. learning about personality styles and understanding how to best work with each.)


The process is dynamic and no matter which session you are in, you will experience forward movement toward your goal.


Many coaches offer a free consultation to make sure the fit is right and that coaching is right for you.

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