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A recent coaching session began with the client asking me, “How does one create a trusting workplace environment?”

This leader was struggling to enter into a new position and had the goal of building trust among his team. I loved that he cared so much about this because when people experience trust in their environment they are motivated to learn and be more productive.

Here are the highlights of what my client came to through our coaching session:

  • It begins with the leader.
  • Team members trust they can let their light shine and not be held back or overridden.
  • Team members trust it is safe to stretch and grow even if they may fail.
  • Team members trust they will be spoken to honestly whether they are overreaching or underperforming.
  • And most importantly, the entire team trusts that leadership values and practices confidentiality.

The importance of confidentiality, especially from leadership is critical for a trusting environment. Trusting one’s leader promotes each team member to trust one another and this promotes genuine behaviors and team members showing up as their authentic selves.

How will your workplace environment change, as team members whole-heartedly trust  leadership?

Coaching provides a solid checkpoint for leaders to enhance their workplace environment.

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