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Why do certain people at work bother me so much?

Because he or she is different than you. Embrace the differences – they complement one another. Relationships start with you. You hold the power to make your relationships what you want them to be.

Think about differences in people in two ways; pace and priority.

Pace makes up how people deliver. Some are very deliberate in how they deliver while others are quick and to the point. Some talk, think, walk, and complete projects slowly, while others operate at a faster pace. When dealing with someone with a different pace, it can be difficult, on both ends.

Priority makes up how people are motivated. Some are motivated by task oriented-projects and others by projects that allow them to be relationship-oriented. One wants to work together with a focus on details and perfection, the other wants to focus on the team and the relationships. Both focuses are valuable as well as opposing when working with others.

When Pace and Priority differences are combined, it creates the most challenging relationship of all. Imagine a thoughtful, detail-oriented person working with a quicker paced, big-picture type person who likes to make things happen, now! Or, consider a project lead wanting the task-oriented styles to see the big picture and they can’t, because their style requires the details to see it.

Embracing the differences may just give everyone what they want. If it’s perfection you want, imagine those people-oriented types will be more likely to deliver when the relationships are attended to. If it is a social environment you seek, allow the task-oriented people to present the details and they will be more likely to deliver what you want as well.

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